The Edusexual

Educate, Embrace, Empower, Explore


The Edusexual was created with four specific purposes in mind – to educate, embrace, empower, and explore sex and sexuality. It is a safe space to learn about all things sexual from a historical, cultural, and practical perspective.

Educate – Increase our knowledge about our body, sex as a culture and practice, how others view and do sex(uality), and how it has evolved over time. Let’s learn from the past as it relates to pleasure and our bodies.

Embrace – Let’s take what we have learned and begin to accept who we are as sexual beings and what we want and do not want. Accept and love all parts of ourselves – body, mind, and spirit.

Empower – Education is empowerment. Once we begin to learn and accept the width and breadth of our choices – take control. The power is in our hands (literally and figuratively) to embrace  all that we are and want to be, without judgement or ridicule (from others and ourselves)

Explore – The intersection of the physical, verbal, emotional, spiritual, and mental exploration of our body, sexuality, fantasies, and desires

Until next time…Be Free (freedom to educate, embrace, empower, and explore), Be Safe (with our bodies and spaces we surround ourselves ex. harmful relationships) Be Loved (Let’s love ourselves enough to say “No” to what we don’t want and “Yes” to what we do. If we love ourselves first and the rest can follow)

K.D. King

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