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Business Consulting

I have over 15 years experience in business consulting and writing, 10 years experience in training and Business Analysis including process review and improvement, and 7 years experience in Non Profit. 

I can help grow your business, relieve the stress of constantly going and not feeling your business is getting anywhere, help with understanding the components of starting your own business, or help you figure out if the next steps are the right steps. 

I have assisted dozens of non-profits and business do just that from website review, content review, board review(non-profit), strategy, development, brand messaging, marketing action plans, data and donor management, and other services as needed for my clients.

It can all seem overwhelming, which is why I leave my clients with a reasonable action plan for next steps. Check out some of my clients and how they feel about my business consulting.

Contact me today for help growing your business, starting your business, identifying gaps in your processes, or help you determine and achieve your next steps. 

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