So last night I attended the 9th Annual Erotic Ball in Houston, Tx. This has been on my list of things I’ve been meaning to do, almost as long as I’ve lived here. Look, if I’m being honest, I don’t do events that start late. If you allow me to go home first, it’s all over ESPECIALLY on a Friday. (Saturday I can do). The event starts at 10pm on a Friday!

It took me 4 years to make peace with that. But I finally made it! So lets talk about spankings, half naked bodies gyrating, ropes, and all things that I experienced at the erotic ball.

The event was held at Cle Houston. It’s a non assuming building. It’s basically a white fence. You have no idea what it leads to, so you walk to find the entrance, well at least I did since I went to the wrong building by accident. Oops. Which wasn’t fun because it was rainy and dreary night.

But OMG! The space is amazing. This is the outside.



I can’t imagine what it would have been like if it were a typical October Houston night. Actually, I can because I talked to a woman who went last year and she showed me pictures and footage. And, OH MY GAWD! But I’ll get to that in a minute. (However, I’m legit going to check out this spot and see what type of events they have on a normal day, because this looks FIYAH).

So, after finding my Goldstar receipt, yeap purchased my discounted tickets on Goldstar, we were let in the building. This is what greeted us.



A freaking mermaid! Oooh yeah!

Now, if anybody knew me back when I was the Kinky Diva, they know this is not my first rodeo to an event like this. I’ve gone to parties where folks were almost naked, except a covered private part and tapped over nipples (for women). This is however, my first time doing anything like this in Houston.

So, jiggling tapped boobs and free exposed asses – I’m used to. But a freaking mermaid??? I. AM. HERE. FOR. IT! Remember this is also Halloween time, so it’s erotic ball and costume party, hence the blood on the mermaid. Well that, or she actually took a bite out of someone before posting. It IS the erotic ball.

We got around 11. The party lasts until…honestly, I don’t know. Until folks cum, then they go? I enjoyed myself for the time I was there, but shut down the club…Nah, fam. Not without a nap first.

When we walked in the place wasn’t packed, but there were still quite a bit of people. It was relatively early and raining. The guy at the door said they wouldn’t get the same crowd because of the rain.


We walked around (by the way this “we” is a friend. I grabbed a friend to come along with, so she said “yes” and we went). There were two bars inside the main room, one bar in the dungeon/side room, and one bar outside. There were vendors along some of the walls inside. Vendors like Katz, an erotic artists who had paintings for sale, a leather vendor, and someone who sold fairy wings – I mean they had other stuff, by my eyes zoned in on the fairy wings, cause..why wouldn’t they.

Towards the back of the club is another room, a smaller room with staff guarding it. I asked if we could go in. He said yes. Women can come in and men who are coupled. Yeah, I know what I’m getting into with those rules.


It was a BDSM demonstration room. Though there was a man doing shibari in the middle of the floor, my eyes were immediately drawn to the woman spread out on a bed and the sex toy aka “massager” in front of her. She wore a black bustier, her master kneeling on the bed beside her would release a nipple and flog it. Then put it back, release the other breast and flog it. I didn’t take pictures of that. I just watched.

Next my eyes were drawn across the room to the stations, one women was handcuffed and spanked and another…well, this


Look it can take a minute to tie someone up, so I I sat down on a couch in the corner and just observed my surroundings. I wanted to take it all in. Finally, she was almost ready.


Getting there. Shibari takes time.

I left the room to go back outside to the main room. Did I mention how massively big Cle is? Well, it is. And when we stepped back into the main area, it was packed. Made me wonder how long I was in there. The place was now fully bumping. There were more acts on the stage with a crowd surrounding it. This time it was dick and balls for entertainment. The proper term would be male exotic dancers.



Afterwards a drag queen performance


I honestly can’t remember what the last act was. And I know, we missed some of them while being in the dungeon. But at some point they all ended and the MC called for staff to take down the stage. They rolled out with drills and started disassembling. It was now party time. Me, I wanted to walk around and see if there was anything else I was missing. Then the DJ started playing music that had me stop and Twe..I don’t do full out twerks, but I Twe. I drop it like it’s tepid, not hot. I shake by left ass cheek, let that one pop to give my right ass cheek a break. That’s how I get crunk on the dance floor. And let me tell you, I was on the floor getting it IN. DJ was jammin.

At some point I left the dance floor, and not a moment too soon. Drunk lady dancing next to me broke a glass. I didn’t want my black ass getting blamed for shit. So, good timing on that one.

I sat down in the only couch in the main are of the club that wasn’t VIP. I’m not at that VIP level yet. So I made folks scooch on the round couch to make room for all this junk in my trunk. Now, y’all know me. I make friends wherever I am. So I started talking to my neighbor. A beautiful half naked woman who commented “why are you so clothed. Next year don’t dress so conservative.” Um, look fam. I dress comfortable. And bustiers ain’t comfortable. I’m either wearing a “my boobs are popping” cleavage dress or a jeans and a “my boobs are popping” cleavage shirt. But I’m going comfortable. Both options are conservative for this crowd. Either I’m taping my nipples and going damn near butt naked…YES LAWD FOR NO BRA!!! Or I’m clothed up. And really, I’m a voyeaur, not an exhibitionist. I like to watch. I’ll always watch. But I do not need to be apart of of it. So, I will be fully clothed the next time I go.

Clothing there ranges from jeans, cute top or for men pressed shirt, and clean gym shoes to the legal limit of nudity with CFMs (Cum Fuck Me’s). You are okay however you decide to go.

So after discussions on clothing and comfort with my couch neighbor, she told me about last years Erotic Ball and showed me clips and pictures.

I feel gypped fam.


Last year the weather was nice (cause…Houston) and the outside cabanas were BDSM scenes. When you walked by you witnessed various rope bindings, spankings, dominations, and other scenes. The stage performers included some burlesque dancers, BDSM demos, Shibari, and some shit I cant even explain you. You either had to be there or watch the video like I did. I was like damn, I feel gypped. She agreed that this year was much tamer than last year, except the male exotic dancers. Last year there was just one. This year, in her words, “a white one, a black one, a latin one. I got vanilla, chocolate, and caramel. Oooh honey.”

So, will I go back? Yeap. I enjoyed myself. Will I take a nap before I go – DEFINITELY. I want to go back for no other reason than to see if they will up the ante of risque and erotic. Now that I know what  2017 was like, I want to check out 2019. Hell I might not wear a bra. Admittedly, I clamor at any excuse not to wear one, sooo…

Overall, I enjoyed myself at this years Erotic Ball. The DJ was popping. The crowd enjoyed themselves (I love going places where the energy is lit). The BDSM room was great, and the space is AH-MAZING. I’m not too ashamed to say I was hella impressed with the beauty and breadth of the space. It made me realize I don’t get out the house nearly as much as I should. 

I’m the worst picture taker ever, so the images of the almost naked women with wings swinging from the ceiling – epic fail. Sorry. You’ll just have to go next years event and take your own pictures. Or I really need to get better at picture taking. Probably, both.

The Erotic Ball is not some private elusive event. Like I said earlier, I got my tickets off Goldstar. You do not need to be “in the know” or part of the fetish community to know about it (though it is posted on the fetish sites too).  They post the event and tickets on EventbriteGoldstar, and Facebook among other places. Hell, Houston Chronicle and Fox 26 covered it. So you have no excuse not to check it out in the future. Hell, enough people have asked me about it since posting a picture, I might plan a Edusexual field trip. Don’t hold me to that though. But, I can be convinced. 

It has not escaped me that I haven’t posted in a while, then suddenly I post about kinky shit I’ve been to. My bad. I’ll try and be better.


Until next time…Be Free, Be Safe, Be Loved,

K.D. King