So last post we celebrated (Inter) National Masturbation Month. Now we are going to talk about foreplay.

Yes! Foreplay


Just like sex with a partner, you want to be revved and ready to go. Get in the mood. Don’t just rub one out because you’re bored or you’re sleepy.

Been there done that.

Try something different. Take your time. Set the mood. Get your mind completely focused on sex and pleasure.

1. Got a sexy playlist? I do. Play it in the background. Program your Pandora or IHeartRadio. Pull out your old Isley Brothers records.

2. Porno – Does it turn you on? Got a favorite scene, actor/actress, movie, and/or category? Play it. There are a lot of free porn sites out there if you want to watch something to turn you on. (RedTube and Porn Hub are two among a bazillion sites)

3. Erotica – pick up a good erotica book. Go to sites with short erotic stories. I love romance books with good sex scenes. Off the top of my head I can recommend anything by Bridget Midway, Truth or Dare by Delilah Dawson (still my favorite – get you off romance), Before The Dawn by Beverly Jenkins, Calling Her Bluff by Kaia Danielle, and a host more. Perhaps one day I’ll make a separate post of “Get in a Sexy Mood” Books. I have that many in my mental repertoire. In fact I’ve had a few of them stop by The Edusexual – Yvette Hines, Bridget Midway, Sienna Mynx, Alexis Ke (erotic pseudonym for Denise Jeffries)

4. Talk Dirty – It’s okay to employ others to get you in the mood. Send dirty texts and engage in dirty conversation. Heck talk dirty to yourself if that helps. But remember today is about YOU. So if you talk dirty to your partner, give yourself time alone.

5. Your mind – Don’t forget the most powerful of your sex organs. Your mind. You don’t need anything else.

Try this: Relax, get comfortable. Clothes your eyes, breath, and think about what turns you on. Focus your whole body on pleasure. Every time you breath in focus your energy on your clit or dick. Breathe in as if it’s through the center of core Breath out thinking of licking, laving, thrusting, dicks, pussy, wetness. Pert nipples, pulsing clits….. Breathe in….repeat

Let your arousal rise to a peak before ever touching yourself. Your whole body should be primed and ready.

Get comfortable this isn’t masturbate when the commercials come on time. Find your spot and perfect angle on the bed. On the couch. In the tub. Angle yourself so you and your toys can reach every part of your body.

Now that you are ready to fully celebrate May, let’s talk about a couple masturbation techniques to get you started.

Until next time…Be Free, Be Safe, Be Loved,

K.D. King