Yup, we are still celebrating May and we are still talking about (and hopefully) touching ourselves.

This is part three. First we Celebrated, Then we got down with a little foreplay. Now, lets touch ourselves.


Lube is not just for when you’re dry. And it’s okay if you are dry. Get the right lube for your body. Some parts are more sensitive and can’t handle the ingredients. Petroleum based lubes, generally aren’t good for vaginas. They’ve been known to cause bacterial infection. Here’s a link to help you choose a lubricant best for you

Lube is not just for sex with someone else

Whether you are a man or a woman adding lube to your solo play can increase sensation. Make solo loving wetter, slippier, hotter, juicer.

Add another sensation. Another feeling.

Want to take it a step further. Try using a response cream. Response cream has various ingredients that increase blood flow and cause warm tingly sensations on your private parts.


Lube it up, now work it slow.



Play around with hot and cold sensations when masturbating.

For the fellas Askmen.com did a top 7 masturbation techniques to try. Number one on the list was “The Cold Climax”

“For this technique, masturbate as you normally would, but when you feel the sensation of ejaculation coming on, grab hold of some ice cubes or crushed ice with the other hand, then continue masturbating to completion. The feeling of cold in one hand, heat in the other, and the sensation of ejaculating will enhance the experience.”

For women. We already mentioned response cream for the “fire”.  Also vaginal safe warming lubes will also do the same.

For the “ice,” if you are using a glass dildo put it in the freezer. Try inserting it after you have “warmed” up. Another method is to play around with ice cubes. Trace your nipples with them. The outline of your clitoris, tease the lips. Play around with sensations and see what you like. Fire, ice, or both. You have time.

Now let’s explore other parts of our bodies…



Often masturbation focuses solely on the pleasure spot – the dick or vagina. But you have a whole body. Try stimulating more than just your primary sex organs.

Our bodies have nipples, a perineum (aka the taint), anus, arms, and other parts. Glide your hand across your abdomen. Take a moment to add sensation to other parts of your body.

Tweak your nipples, insert a vibrator in your anus, wear nipple clamps, and/or put a vibrator on that “sweet” spot on your neck.  Scrape your fingers up the inside of your thighs. Your erogenous possibilities are endless.

Integrate other parts of your body. It’s more than just rubbing one out. It is about having a total orgasmic (multi- hopefully) experiences. It’s about pleasuring yourself. It’s about PLEASURE. It’s about stimulating YOUR WHOLE BODY not just your clit and dick.

Integrate your hot and cold play with your body.

Use your vibrators on other spots.

Touch yourself. Not just down there, but everywhere.

Play with yourself. Arouse yourself. Get yourself to the pinnacle.

Now Stop and Stimulate another part of your body.

Your body is a wonderland. Discover some of its hidden secrets.


Let’s finish this off by…watching. Bonus – LET ME SEE YOU CUM!


Until next time…Be Free, Be Safe, Be Loved,

K.D. King