Aaaah and so we’ve come to the end of this masturbation soliloquy. We celebrated (pt1), got in the mood (pt2), and touched ourselves (pt3).

Now before we roll over and go to sleep or get out of bed and go do to work (for some its just the boost of energy they need to make it through the day), lets talk about masturbating in front of someone or something.


Though masturbation by definition is a solo act, it doesn’t have to be done alone. Have you tried masturbating in front of your partner? No? Then start. Show them you know what pleases you. Show them how turned on you can get and what turns you on.  Let them you get hard and wet. Display for them every touch and stroke. It is highly arousing.

They may want to join you. Or they may want to see you come to full and complete release. Either way. Win! Win!

And when touching yourself in front of your partner, keep eye contact (if you can). Take it slow.

Fellas, let us get dickmatized.

Ladies, let him get pussymesmerized.

Or you can do it for the camera. Its your body. Do you trust yourself? You should. If you don’t, I suggest talking it out with a therapist. They are really good and getting to core issues and helping you with life in general.

Now if you don’t trust yourself because you’re bad with technology and you are afraid you might live stream it instead of record it for personal use, well then…valid point.


Wait until you’re a little bit more gadget savvy, then try it.

Record it for your partner or for your own viewing pleasure. Record it and watch it to satisfy your curiosity, we don’t often to get to see our bodies being pleasured, especially by ourselves. What you record is for you and whomever you wish to share it with. IF, you wish to share it.

Masturbation Resources/Sites

Now when I was looking into some of this stuff I ran into A LOT of websites dedicated SOLELY to masturbation. Too many to name. Too many to check out. However, I have listed the few I check out to get you started. They are all great sites – Masturbation site for women with erotic stories, sex positive articles, and adult toy reviews – masturbation stories and techniques – A website dedicated to…you guessed it. THE CLITORIS! Whereas this is not masturbation focused it is dedicated to a woman’s sexual pleasure and health. It is chalked full of information from anatomy to health, technique to…everything. For all things clitoris and women’s sexuality, this is the site. – A website dedicated to…well…THE PENIS. All things penis can be found on this site. I find it hard to navigate but if you go to the site map you can pretty much find whatever you’re looking for from size issues, health, and everything else penile related.

I hope you’re in the mood to masturbate. I know I am. Go out and celebrate! It’s MASTURBATION MAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Until next time…Be Free, Be Safe, Be Loved,

K.D. King