If you followed us in the first post on The Rules of Engagement,  you may have noticed that everything I talked about was foreplay. Well I like to focus on talking dirty as foreplay.  But let’s talk about all the ways we can talk dirty.

There are three stages in which to talk dirty




FOREPLAY – erotic stimulation preceding sexual intercourse (websters definition). In terms of dirty talk it is using your words (via phone, text, email, vm, im, and in person) to sexually stimulate your partner KNOWING that at that moment, there is nothing you or your partner can do to act on the sexual promise(s).

Yes folks I like dirty talking with barriers, otherwise it’s just “I’m wet” and next thing you know it’s a tongue on your clit

Or a dick in your vagina.

Or other stuff in other places

EITHER way, that’s a good thing.

But I want more.

Lots more.

So I talk dirty when my partner cant IMMEDIATELY make good on the promises.

DURING PLAY – sex or sexual acts

You watch porn (don’t act like you don’t). Think about the screams and nasty shit they yell out in a porno. It’s a command of what you want done, what you like, or how you’re feeling. Yeap it’s all the stuff you say when you’re not thinking and you just shout out…

“Right there”

“Pull my nipples!”

“This pussy is yours”

“Who’s dick/pussy is this?”

“Ooh you taste so good.

“This is my dick/pussy”

“Can you handle it?”

“You’re tight/wet/hard/big/delicious…”

“You like this wet pussy.”

“FUCK ME!!!”

I really don’t like talking about what do say during sex because let’s face it WOMEN (yeah I’m talking to you) your minds can get in the way of having great sexual experiences. SHUT IT THE FUCK OFF!!!! Your mind roams, or you start thinking stupid shit like “what should I say?” or “what do I look like?” or “My fat is drooping” or WORSE something that has NOTHING to do with the sex you’re having.

And yes I said stupid shit. Because you are naked (hopefully) and fucking. All your partner wants is for you to be into the sex (and them) as much as or more than they are. And you only do that by TURNING YOUR MOTHERFUCKING BRAIN OFF.Be in the moment. Feel ever touch, don’t think about it – feel it. Be present.

At some point I may do do a post about tips for better sex like shutting your mind off, letting go, connecting, and breathing. But for now, just know these are all things your should be doing when you have sex.

So in that vein I will not be giving you tips on what to say during sex because the LAST thing I want is to  give you more shit to think about.

You will talk dirty during sex when you LET GO!!!!!

AFTERPLAY –after you have finished copulating, swinging from the chandelier, teabagging his balls backwards, licking her pussy dry, lost feeling in your left leg, gone blind…after you have both came…

Yeap here is just another opportunity to dirty talk. I call it dirty talk aftercare. Remember talking dirty is still  COMMUNICATION. I said it before, damn near every freaking post.


Talking dirty is still a form of communication. In afterplay, it is a way to communicate to your partner what you like about them and what they do to you. And perhaps what you desire to have done next time (within established boundaries). How they were able to fulfill a need or what they can do to fulfill it.

Think of it as dirty cuddle time. (and depending on the sex, dirty “I just woke up from the best fuck of my life” time). Yeap afterplay maybe after yall both wake up and talk about it in the morning.

Now we are almost to the end of the blog post and I have yet to give you some hard and fast talking dirty tips.

I know

I know

I will rectify that. I promise. Next post will be some Quick and Dirty tips.

Until next time…Be Free, Be Safe, Be Loved,

K.D. King