Well my fellow Edusexuals, we have gone over Rules of Engagement and covered The Stages of Play, now it’s time for some quick and dirty tips.

Quick and dirty tip #1 = Piggy back off what your partner says

If they say “I’m hard” tell them “I’m wet.” Or ask them “Where you going to put that hard dick?”

It directly addresses their state of arousal and comes back with a “me too” and this is what were going to do.

“I can already taste that dick in my mouth”

“Damn I’m so wet waiting for you.”

“Mmm, what you going to do with it?” (and if its text or im, use that salivating smiley face after MMMmm)

If your man says

“I can taste your pussy on my tongue.”

You can respond with “What does it taste like?” or tell him exactly what you want him to do with his tongue or what it feels like. Basically tell him how you feel

“Oooh I like it when your tongue relentlessly flicks on my clit” (wait I’m a writer, lets go with something shorter) “I love the feel of your tongue on my clit.” (or shorter) “I feel it.”

“It’s here waiting for you.” (or dirtier) “This pussy is waiting on you”

“Every time my heart beats I can feel my pussy pulses. My whole body is waiting on you.”

Quick and dirty tip #2 – Get comfortable

There are a thousand ways to say one thing. If you are not comfortable saying “pussy” or “dick” you can still talk dirty and get the similar results.

HOWEVER, I would suggest getting comfortable using more risqué terminology. It can heighten arousal. And if you can have sex you should feel comfortable saying words that are sexual in nature

With that said, we all have to start somewhere. So here is a quick and dirty list of words for private parts and sex that you can use

AROUSAL – moist, wet, dripping, sopping, pulsing, juice, lubricate/lubrication, randy, hot, excited, hot, pusspiration, pulsing pussy, cream, hard, swollen, desire, thick, erect(ion), ready, throbbing dick, hard cock, weep (ex: my dick/pussy is weeping for you)

BREASTS – hooters, titties, jugs, mounds, nipples, berry drops, melons, mountains and valleys, hills, boobs, pillows

Oral Sex – Fellatio, Cunnilingus, Annilingus, Giving head, lick, lave, suck, swallow, inhale, devour, toss salad, kiss, tongue, eat out, my next meal, slurp,

ORGASM – climax, cum, rapture, peak, ejaculate, spasm(around your dick/in your pussy), convulse, coitus, ecstasy (point of), rapture, big “o”, (bust a) nut, explode, cream, le petit mort, release

PENIS – Cock, Dick, (Love/Joy/Riding) Stick, Sausage, Pole, Rod, Member, Ding Dong, Prick, Peter, One Eyed Monster, Shaft, Third Leg, Tool (of love/of pleasure), (thick) length, erection

SEXUAL INTERCOURSE – Fuck, Make Love, Bang, Ride, consummate, Enter (you enter, he enters), thrust, laid/lay, pump, hump, grind, hammer, penetrate, mount, screw, plow, pump, sex, copulate, stroke, spank, slap, beat(pussy/ass/dick) , loving

VAGINA – Pussy, Cunt, Twat, Walls, Clit, Lips, Coochie, Petals, Flower, Cooch, Cooter, Honey Pot, Hole, Taco, Puntang, Punaani, PussyCcat, Snatch, Va-Jay-Jay, Slit, Beaver, Box, wet heat, walls, center

The list isn’t comprehensive, but it should at least be able to get your started talking dirty. Remember its sex have fun and be safe. In fact tomorrow, send your partner a text and let them know what you want to do them when they get home.


Until next time…Be Free, Be Safe, Be Loved,

K.D. King